Early childhood education
The ideal space planning for early childhood education can provide children with happy learning and growth, and parents can rest assured and satisfied with a safe and comfortable environment.
And such spatial planning requires professional assistance. Pohan Lin, director of International Design, has studied and grown in the elite education system in the UK, and has long-term research and rich experience in the teaching environment of young children. For more than 20 years, he has carefully planned numerous early childhood education spaces, showing diversity, creativity and wisdom. A fun, yet safe and practical space for education, learning and growth. Not only did it satisfy the children, teachers and parents, but it also filled many educators who came to visit with admiration and emotion.

Charity Humanities
The charity and humanistic space provides visitors or users with a relaxing conversation with themselves, looking for their original compassion and wisdom.
I hope that every time I visit or stay in every corner of the space, I will have a different exploration experience and feel the beauty of everything, lead the continuous pursuit of the quality of life for good, and share with each other to help more people.
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Good residential space planning contains the power to relax the body and mind and wash away all the hustle and bustle, and condense family emotions to manage beautiful life memories together. The creation of a space that continues to move people and all the beautiful things that accompany it is the original intention and philosophy of Wei Li International Design.
After more than 20 years of innumerable hard work, we have created both aesthetics and practicality, integrating traditional beauty and modern beauty, to meet the practical needs of users in every detail; uphold the integrity of work and good communication with customers, and build a relationship of mutual trust and investment.
Constantly provide people with cleanliness and relaxation of the soul, leading people to good qualities, and at the same time create homes that pass on beautiful memories to the owners.
High-quality office space can enhance the corporate image, expand the company's operations, and create the most convenient and comfortable environment for employees to improve their work efficiency under the unified and complete theme of the company.
The value provided by the YONGLLI international design team is to fully understand and master the expectations and needs of customers, and plan works that exceed customers' imagination. And a key design concept is to understand the true desires of customers and their employees in many ways, and combine the layout, ventilation, lighting, flow lines, and colors of the office space design to present an office space with both function and beauty.
Create a functional and comfortable space environment to meet the needs of enterprises, employees, manufacturers, and customers, and create an atmosphere of cooperation and concentricity of the company, which also conveys the spirit, culture and values of the enterprise.
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For many years, YONGLLI International Design has been pursuing to create a practical and easy-to-maintain architectural overall shape and space planning, integrating the humanistic environment and coordinating the natural garden landscape, providing a safe, comfortable, quiet and peaceful landscape for the users Environmental atmosphere.
The ideal commercial space design is a clever combination of function and art. Complete and professional spatial layout planning, integrating the theme business context atmosphere, creating the greatest operational advantage of commercial brands.
For many years, YONGLLI International Design has assisted customers in brand creation and development, creating high-quality business space conditions, and at the same time carefully and professionally planning to create a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere, allowing the space to present a beautiful vitality in different business situations.
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